Forex bonus from NPBFX and GoVPSFX

Combo is 75 USD bonus to your account from NPBFX + free VPS-server from GoVPSFX with the ability to install up to 6 trading terminals + an expert advisor to choose from our collection of more than 70 expert advisors. Collect your Forex Combo!

How to get the bonus and profit:

  • Open an account in NPBFX (Master type), only to use this LINK.
  • Complete the full verification of your NPBFX, account by uploading the necessary documents.
  • Deposit your trading account with at least 75 USD.
  • Apply for the forex bonus using the special form (at the end of the article).
  • Profit from trading operations involving the forex bonus can be withdrawn without restrictions (i.e. the bonus is not debited when withdrawing the traded profit).
  • The bonus is debited in proportion to the amount of the deposit withdrawal (i.e. your own funds). For example, the bonus amount is 75 USD, and the amount of funds deposited (i.e. the Deposit) is 100 USD. When withdrawing 50 USD (50% of the Deposit), the bonus will also be debited by 50% (i.e. 37,5 USD).
  • Both own and bonus funds can be used by the client in trading without any restrictions. At the same time bonus funds can withstand “drawdown”, that is, they will not be debited from the account if its equity decreases below the level of bonus funds, until the Stop Out works.

How to get VPS-server free:

  • Register on the site, the registration form is here.
  • Apply for free VPS through your personal account.
  • In the request to receive the server you must specify the account number for which you received the 75 USD bonus from NPBFX.
  • During the day data for accessing the VPS-server will be sent to your email.
  • If you already have a VPS, you do not have to apply for a free server. For example, you can only get a bonus and an expert advisor.

How to get an expert advisor:

  • Go to the section “Expert advisors”, in this section you will find both reviews of expert advisors and monitoring of real accounts.
  • Choose the advisor you like and apply for free.
  • In the request to get an expert adviser you need to specify the account number for which the 75 USD bonus was received from NPBFX.
  • If you have your own expert advisor, you do not need to apply for an expert advisor from our list. For example, you can only get a bonus and a free VPS-server.

Why is the offer so popular?

What do you need to test an expert adviser that you like? First of all, it is necessary that your expert advisor trades in real market conditions, i.e. on a real trading account with real money. Secondly, it is necessary to create a reliable technical environment for the correct operation of the expert advisor, i.e. the expert advisor must trade through a reliable VPS-server. You can find out what a VPS is and why a trader needs it here.

Does testing the expert advisor at home on a demo-account meet these requirements? No. The demo-account does not reflect real market conditions (slippage, non-market quotes, etc.), and the home computer cannot ensure uninterrupted operation for 24 hours during the entire testing period of the expert advisor, which can last several months. As a result, after such testing, we get incorrect data, on the basis of which we make a decision to put the expert advisor on a real account, which leads to its partial or complete loss.

Using our offer you will not only be able to conduct a competent test of the expert advisor, but also withdraw the profit received with a positive outcome, without restrictions and additional conditions for working out the lot.

Get the bonus

    Collect Forex combos!

    Choose one of our combo offers and get a bonus to your trading account + free VPS for 6 terminals + a trading robot to choose from from our collection of more than 70 forex expert Advisors.

    • Free VPS from GoVPSFX
    • Choice of trading advisor
    • Free VPS from GoVPSFX
    • Expert Advisor to choose from
    • Free VPS from GoVPSFX
    • Expert Advisor to choose from
    • Free VPS from GoVPSFX
    • Expert Advisor to choose from
    World Forex
    • Free VPS from GoVPSFX
    • Expert Advisor to choose from
    • Free VPS from GoVPSFX
    • Expert Advisor to choose from