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The expert advisor needs a reliable power supply and an uninterrupted Internet connection. It is very difficult to provide conditions for the expert advisor at home, and it is safer to use a VPS-server.

Expert advisor FundRaiser

Let’s check out the Fund Raiser expert advisor. The expert advisor enters the market using market orders based on signals from Stochastic and RSI indicators. This expert advisor shows good trading results on EURUSD and USDCAD pairs, but it can also be used on other trading instruments, selecting individual parameters for each currency pair. The recommended timeframe is M5. The minimum deposit for dollar accounts is from $250, and for cent accounts – from $25 (to get more profit, you can use a Deposit of 100 USD on cent accounts). Leverage is from 1: 500. Read this review for a more detailed overview of the expert advisor.

Important! The expert advisor needs a reliable power supply and an uninterrupted Internet connection. It is very difficult to provide conditions for the expert advisor at home, and it is safer to use a VPS-server. You can get a free VPS here.

Trading terminal
MT4 / MT5
Traded pairs
from 1:500
Recommended Brokers
Recommended deposit
from 25 USD (on a cent account)
Recommended VPS

Trading strategy:
Fund Raiser is an expert advisor for automatic and manual forex trading that trades only market orders based on signals from the RSI and Stochastic indicators. After launching the expert advisor in the terminal, it begins to analyze the history and when it receives a signal from the indicators, it opens the first order, Buy or Sell, in the direction of the trend. After the price passes 20 points (the Take Profit parameter), the expert advisor will close the order and wait for the next signal to open the order. If the price turned around and went in the opposite direction, then after the “Distance”, it will open a locking order with an increased lot, which is calculated using the formula: lot Volume #1, multiplied by the value of Lot Multiplier from the settings of the expert advisor. If the price continues to go in the right direction, the expert advisor will calculate the breakeven price and the closing price of both orders in such a way as to get a profit from one order, covering the loss of the other, and reach the profit specified in the settings, multiplied by the number of open orders. Locking orders can be opened until the number of Max Lock Orders is reached, or until a profit is received.

To limit drawdown the expert advisor provides a mode for closing orders at breakeven in such a way as to close a part of orders of a larger volume with the profit specified in the Breakeven Profit parameter (in points). To do this, there is a Breakeven Orders item in the settings of the expert advisor, which is responsible for the number of open orders, after which positions are converted to breakeven. The expert advisor can close both all orders and some of them, leaving a couple with a smaller volume for further trading (it is selected automatically based on the market situation).

ATTENTION! The Fund Raiser expert advisor is designed to work only on accounts where it is requested to open counter orders. This strategy is not allowed on netting accounts, and the expert advisor will not be able to open a locking position.

To switch the expert advisor to manual trading mode, there is a special button on the chart. when clicked, additional buttons will be created for opening Buy or Sell orders. In this mode, in order for the expert advisor to accompany your order, it must be opened only using these buttons. When opening orders using the terminal, these orders will not be supported and taken into account by the trading expert, since they are opened without a magic order. This expert advisor uses dynamic magic numbers in its trading, so you will not see this parameter in the settings.

For the convenience of working with orders, there are three more buttons on the chart that allow you to quickly close all orders or orders of the same direction in case of an unexpected situation in the market and just at your request.

In the settings of the Fund Raiser it is possible to reserve part of the funds to protect the deposit from being completely drained in unforeseen circumstances. The expert advisor works on both four and five-digit quotes. We specify the parameters for 4 digits, and the expert advisor will recalculate all of them to 5-digit quotes.

If it is necessary you can work on time. By default, the expert advisor trades from 00: 00 to 23: 00 terminal time. This time does not affect support orders, lock order will be followed continuously until their closure.

To achieve a stable and secure profit, follow the money management rules known to all traders. The default settings include automatic calculation of the first lot, which guarantees stable and safe trading on the Forex with a minimum starting capital. It is not unimportant to provide a stable working environment for the expert advisor. Free VPS-servers from GoVPSFX do a great job with this task.

Main parameters:

  • Select Language – select the language for displaying information on the chart.
  • Trading mode – it allows you to choose between automatic and manual trading.
  • Max Spread — it is the maximum spread at which orders can be opened.
  • Max Slippage — it is maximum slippage for opening and closing orders. Increase if your broker makes you slip, or quotes come in very quickly.
  • Start Work — it is from what time the expert advisor is allowed to trade.
  • End Work — it is the time when the adviser finishes working.
  • RSI Period — the period of the RSI indicator (Relative Strength Index).
  • UpLevel RSI & Stochastic — it is the upper level for RSI and stochastic for opening Sell orders.
  • DownLevel RSI & Stochastic — it is the lower level for RSI and stochastic for opening Buy orders.
  • K-Period Stochastic — it is K-period of the Stochastic indicator.
  • D-Period Stochastic — it is D-period of the Stochastic indicator.
  • Slowing Stochastic – it is deceleration of the Stochastic indicator.
  • Reserve in % – it is the percentage of reserve funds that will not be used in trading.
  • Use Autolot — true — use autolot; false — do not use It.
  • Percent For Autolot — it is the percentage of funds for calculating the autolot.
  • Manual Lot-a lot for trading without using autolot. When autolot = true, it is not used.
  • Lot Multiplier — it is how much to multiply the next locating lot by.
  • Take Profit, points — it is the number of points for the profit (specify as for 4 characters).
  • Max Lock Orders — it is the maximum number of orders in the market.
  • Distance, points — it is at what distance to open the locating positions (specify for 4 characters).
  • Breakeven Orders — it is the number of orders in the market, after which the expert Advisor will begin to withdraw all positions to breakeven.
  • Show Info Table-true-show the block of information; false-do not show it.
  • Font Size — it is the font size for the information block and buttons.

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