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The expert advisor needs a reliable power supply and an uninterrupted Internet connection. It is very difficult to provide conditions for the expert advisor at home, and it is safer to use a VPS-server.

Expert advisor Stels Expert

Let’s check out the indicator expert advisor Stels Expert. The expert advisor is based on rollbacks in the channel strategy. Ozymandias and RSI indicators are used to enter the market. To increase profitability, the expert advisor uses averaging. The expert advisor trades on the currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, EURAUD. The recommended timeframe is M5. The minimum deposit for dollar accounts is $10,000, and for cent accounts – $100. Leverage is from 1: 500. Read the article below for a more detailed overview of the expert advisor.

Important! The expert advisor needs a reliable power supply and an uninterrupted Internet connection. It is very difficult to provide conditions for the expert advisor at home, and it is safer to use a VPS-server. You can get a free VPS here.

Trading terminal
Traded pairs
from 1:500
Recommended Brokers
Recommended deposit
from 100 USD (on a cent account)
Recommended VPS

Trading strategy:
Trading strategy

The trading strategy of this expert advisor is based on rollbacks in the channel strategy. The expert advisor uses the averaging method (grid of orders) in trading. The peculiarity of the Stels Expert is that it uses signals from the RSI and Ozymandias indicators to start trading. The volume of the first order in the series can be set in two ways: 1 – fixed and 2 – dependent on free funds. The calculation method is defined in the LotVariant variable.

With a fixed method, the first lot in the order series will be set according to the value of the FixLot variable. In the second method of lot calculation, the calculation formula looks like this: lot of the first order = free funds of the account / MoneyForOneLot * the minimum lot allowed on this account. The expert advisor opens and closes orders and analyzes indicators only at the opening of the bar.

If the central line of the Ozymandias indicator has a downward trend and is colored red, and between 1 and 3 candles there was a breakdown of the level 70 by the RSI indicator, this is a signal for the start of a series of sales. For shopping, all the same, but Ozymandias should have an upward trend, and RSI needs to break the level 30. Amplitude is the parameter of the indicator Ozymandias, and RSIPer – period RSI.

The expert advisor also has a filter for working hours. If you want the expert advisor to open the first order of the series only at certain hours, you need to set the UseHour variable to 1. The StartTime variable specifies the start time, and the StopTime variable specifies the end time, inclusive. The time is specified in hours (without using minutes, i.e. we do not specify 16:00, but just 16). The time filter does not apply to averaging orders.

If the price goes up after opening a sell order, the expert advisor will open a new order in the same direction after a certain number of points. For both orders, the expert advisor will set the take profit below the breakeven price of both orders by FixTP points. The number of points through which the averaging order is opened is determined by the DefaultsPips variable. If you set the DynamicPips setting to TRUE, the expert advisor will calculate the distance between orders based on the price movement over the last Glubina hours. Usually in the last 24 hours. The maximum and minimum price for the last 24 hours is taken and divided by DEL (just a divisor, we recommend setting it equal to 3). The resulting value will be the minimum step between orders. But DefaultPips is still involved in calculations. If the calculated number of points is less than DefaultPips/DEL or more than DefaultPips*DEL, the minimum distance between orders is set to DefaultPips/DEL or DefaultPips*DEL, respectively.

Then orders are closed either by the total TakeProfit, or also after a certain number of points, the Forex adviser will open another sell order. The maximum number of orders in one direction is determined by the MaxTrades variable.

Each subsequent order is greater than the previous one in LotExponent times. Be careful with this parameter. The larger the parameter, the closer the distance to take profit will be, but the drawdown will be greater, and the smaller the parameter, the further the distance to close all orders in profit will be, but the drawdown will be much smaller. It is recommended in the range of 1.4 to 2.0.

You can set up protection against large losses. UseEquityStop-enables is this protection, and if the loss on all orders is greater than TotalEquityRisk as a percentage of the maximum amount of funds from the moment of opening the first order, the expert advisor will close all orders and trade will start again.

Main parameters:

  • Select Language=English – select the language for displaying information on the chart.
  • Use trading time=true- true – use; false – do not use.
  • Start of trading=11 is the initial working time in hours inclusive.
  • End of trade=16 is the final trading time in hours inclusive.
  • Output information to the log=false-false — do not output; true — output.
  • Amplitude=2 is the price amplitude.
  • TakeProfit (a PG.)=100 is the size of the take profit in points (for 5-digit quotes, multiply by 10).
  • RSI period=13 is the period of the RSI indicator.
  • Option=Auto lot is option for calculating the lot of the first order (Fixed, Deposit per lot-dependent on free funds, Auto lot — automatic).
  • Fixed lot=0.03 is lot for the calculation of the fixed volume.
  • Deposit per lot=300 is parameter for calculating the lot depending on the balance.
  • Decimal places in the lot=2 is the number of decimal places in the calculation of lots (1 – 0,1 ; 2 – 0,01).
  • Multiplier of the next lot=2.0 is coefficient of lot increase in a series of orders.
  • Dynamic pips=TRUE is fixed or dynamic calculation of points between orders.
  • Default pips=40 is the minimum number of points between orders without dynamic calculation.
  • Depth=24 is the number of hours for dynamic point calculation.
  • Delta=3 is the divider for dynamic point calculation.
  • Maximum slippage=3.0 is how many points the price may differ if the DC requests requotes.
  • MagicNumber=13112017 is the magic number (it helps the expert advisor distinguish their bids from others’, you can set your own number).
  • Maximum number of orders=7 is the maximum number of simultaneously opened orders.
  • Use drawdown limits=FALSE is to use maximum drawdown protection.
  • Maximum drawdown=20 is maximum drawdown in % for closing all orders.

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