VPS-server rental service for your clients under your brand

We are open to cooperation with you in various areas where you may need reliable VPS servers for trading. At the moment, we cooperate with brokerage companies, developers and sellers of expert advisors, rebate services, and betting services.

If you want to offer users the opportunity to rent VPS-servers on your site in addition to existing services, then a reselling program using our API is what you need. With the help of our technical specialists and API, in less than a week, you will be able to provide your customers with a VPS rental service without any costs on your part for the purchase and maintenance of server equipment. One of the main advantages of the reselling program is that you will be the provider of VPS-server rental services for your clients directly, without mentioning our company GoVPSFX. As a result, taking advantage of our offer, you will get a turnkey VPS server rental service for your project without any financial costs, and we will take care of all the support for your clients on setting up and working with VPS. At the moment, the reselling program using our API is the most popular type of partnership among our partners.

If you are interested in our offer and want to discuss all the details in more detail, then write to us in Telegram @govpsfx_com

All API requests are encrypted with SSL and are sent in the most familiar and convenient way – using a regular HTTP GET or POST request. The service generates the response in JSON format.

API documentation