White Label from GoVPSFX – your brand, our technologies

First, let’s look at what a White Label is. This is a type of partnership in which one company produces goods or services, and the other sells them under its own brand. So, each partner can focus on their business (production or sales) and thus save on product launch.

The white Label from GoVPSFX is mainly aimed at developers and sellers of Forex expert advisors. Under the White Label program, we provide the partner with a complete turnkey technical solution, which includes a multifunctional trader’s personal account and an administrative panel.

Your clients will receive a full-fledged trader’s account where they can purchase your trading advisors, rent our VPS-server under your brand, participate in your partner program with up to 10 levels, and connect their trading account to the rebate system. If you need additional functionality, our specialists will develop it for you.

If you have your own personal account, you can use our API to connect to it a service for renting VPS-servers for trading expert advisors. At the same time, you set the price for the VPS yourself, and all support remains with us.

You get an administrative panel where you can work with your clients ‘database, process requests for purchasing expert advisors, renting VPS servers, connecting accounts to the rebate system, provide support by responding to customer tickets, and create mass mailings based on your clients’ database. For convenience, notifications about new purchases and requests will be sent to your Telegram.

To manage the entire system, you do not need a staff, because our specialists provide full technical support for your clients ‘ VPS servers, responding to their tickets, as well as technical support for the administrative panel and the trader’s personal account.

What does our company earn?

It’s simple. In the trader’s personal account, which we provide under the White Label program, by default there is a service for renting VPS-servers. The partner’s clients rent VPS for expert advisors, thus forming the profit of our company. It is worth noting that the partner can set their own mark-up on the starting price of the VPS, thereby ensuring additional earnings.

If you are interested in our offer, we are ready to provide guest access to the trader’s personal account and administrative panel. To do this, just write to us in email info@govpsfx.com