Rebate’s calculator for ForexChief

You can calculate the remuneration that you will receive after connecting your trading account to our rebate-service using the rebate’s calculator. Specify the trading instrument that you will trade (for example, the EURUSD pair), and the number of lots to make calculation. Click the “Calculate” and see how much you could get in a day, week, month, or year by simply connecting your account to our rebate-service. The table below demostrates summary information on all types of accounts the broker. You can find out the rebate level for each account type from the table and choose the one for which you will receive the largest payments, as well as find out the period of remuneration accrual.

Calculating the rebate
What do you sell
Number of lots per day
Per day
Per week
Per month
Per year
Account types
Rebate type
Rebate (USD)
Accrual period

A standard lot (100,000 units of currency) is always taken as a unit of volume measurement in the calculator, regardless of whether it is a cent account or a classic dollar account. If a spread or commission is floating, the calculator uses the average value.

Limit on the refund of the spread

All restrictions on rebate accrual are set by the broker, GoVPSFX has nothing to do with any restrictions. There are two main conditions that brokers use — MTP (minimum transaction length, measured in points) and MTT (minimum time to hold a trade on the market, measured in minutes). If a trader closes a trade without one of the conditions, GoVPSFX will not receive a partner fee and as a result, will not be able to pay the rebate to the client

There is no limit on rebate accrual in the ForexChief company.

Instructions for connecting to the rebate service


  • Register on the GoVPSFX website, if you have not already done.
  • Open a trading account by going to the broker’s website via this LINK. Before you go to the broker’s website, we strongly recommend you clear your browser cookies. Detailed instructions how to do this is here. You can also just use a browser that you rarely use.
  • Submit a request to connect your account to the rebate-service via a special form in your personal account in the “Rebate”section. You will receive an email with a response after reviewing the application to activate the account. Submit a new request in the same way to connect a new account to the rebate-service.


  • Register on the GoVPSFX website, if you have not already done.
  • Write an email with the “Rebate” mark, specify the broker’s name and trading account number or create a ticket through your personal account. You will receive an email in response with detailed instructions how to transfer your account to our partner group and connect it to the rebate-service.