Rules for using a free VPS-server

Our rules:

  • The VPS-server is provided only to users who have registered on the site
  • All trading accounts specified in the application for a free VPS must be opened through GoVPSFX partner links or must be transferred to GoVPSFX partner groups by representatives of brokerage companies at the client’s request.
  • The real trading account specified in the application for a free VPS must have the funds in the amount of at least $30 or the equivalent in another currency.
  • Trading is allowed on all types of dollar, cent, ruble accounts, as well as on accounts in other currencies.
  • By registering on the site, you give your consent to receive informational and advertising letters.
  • There are bonus funds for trading accounts (except for bonuses received during the deposit replenishment with your own funds), a free server is not issued.
  • If the client’s trading account (or accounts) was connected to a free VPS-server, the application for detaching the account from the GoVPSFX partner group is not considered.
  • If the server is not active (there is no trading) for 5 days, the site administration reserves the right to contact the client to find out the reasons.
  • Accounts with the same IP (multi-registration) are blocked, servers are revoked.


  • Trade using the pre-installed MT4/MT5 trading terminal and other trading platforms.
  • It is allowed to trade on six terminals at the same time on the server. To install each additional terminal on the VPS, submit an application for adding a new account inside your personal account.
  • Trade only on a real account that was specified by the user when applying for a server.
  • Use expert advisors, scripts, indicators and any other applications for the trading terminal for trading.


  • Install any programs, applications, components that are not related to trading.
  • Store personal information on the server.
  • Use the browser on the server for personal purposes.
  • Change the placement/location of already pre-installed programs, folders, files.
  • Trading on demo-accounts, testing on tick history, launching a strategy tester.

If you are not satisfied with the above conditions and restrictions, then you can use our paid VPS-servers, which are not subject to these conditions and restrictions. Simply, you can do everything on a rented server that you can’t do on a free one. Also, a nice bonus for all traders who have rented a server will be the opportunity to get 90% rebate (return of the spread or commission charged by the broker) from their trading accounts. All the details about paid VPS and rebate service are here.