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VPS for Forex: do I need it or not?

There is probably no trader who has not thought about using expert advisors or automating their own trading strategy at least once in their life. And if finding an adviser is a feasible task, as well as finding a craftsman who automates your trading strategy for $15-20, then it is not possible or comfortable to ensure the smooth operation of the trading terminal at home, which is vital for the adviser. Experienced traders know that new trends are born at night, where you can get a good income. But how many sleepless nights will your patience and health last? The VPS-server will help the trader cope with the above difficulties.

Let’s find out what a VPS is and why a trader needs it. To put it simply, a VPS is a computer, but this computer is not at your home, but in a special room with an uninterrupted source of electricity and Internet (data center). Although we compared the VPS with a home computer for convenience, it is worth noting that the VPS components are designed on the basis of server hardware that is durable and reliable. Simply put, VPS does not fail, does not slow down and does not hang, which is typical for user computers.

Why a trader needs a VPS-server

Based on the above, the server is necessary primarily for those who trade with expert advisors, since such trading requires constant and stable operation of the trading terminal, without interruptions, disconnections, and reboots. But VPS will also serve traders who prefer manual trading, for example, one of the most convenient tools for risk insurance “Tralling stop” works only when the terminal is turned on.


  • If the apartment is disconnected from electricity or Internet, the server will not stop trading and there is no reason to worry.
  • If your computer is used by family members or colleagues other than you, then your trade may not be freely interfered with or harmed, only you can log in to the VPS.
  • If you don’t have a computer at hand and need to log in to the terminal, you can connect to the server via your phone or tablet.
  • If you trade in several brokers, it is problematic to keep a lot of running terminals on your home computer, and it is easy to organize this work on the server.

How to choose a VPS for trading

What you should pay attention to when choosing a VPS for forex trading. The choice of VPS-servers is large, but we are interested in servers with specific characteristics. Windows operating system, since MetaTrader does not work on other operating systems, the server must be powerful enough to trade on multiple terminals at the same time. Price is an important criterion when selecting a VPS, because you will have to pay every month, and profitable months are not all year round, and the hoster’s narrow specialization will also be an important parameter. when VPS is issued exclusively for trading, this will avoid undesirable neighbors, and of course Russian-language support that has an idea of Forex.


VPS is free, which is enough. When a store has a discount on the right product, no one goes to the next store to buy the same product at the price without a discount.


We know what trading is and we trade ourselves. For example, we don’t restart the server in the middle of a trading week. Our VPS is only used for forex trading.


We allow you to install up to 6 trading terminals on one VPS-server.


Russian-language support will help you install an expert advisor, tell you about the subtleties of working with VPS, listen to the hardships of trading life, and give good advice.

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