Partner program for earning from GoVPSFX

The partner program from GoVPSFX is an opportunity to earn extra money online by recommending our services.

VPS-servers for forex trading. Read more about what a VPS is and why a trader needs it here. So, if a trader rents a VPS-server after your recommendation, you will receive 15% of the order amount, as well as all subsequent payments from the client for extending the VPS lease. Thus, if you bring a sufficient number of actively trading traders, you will ensure a stable monthly additional earnings on the Internet. Affiliate earnings accrued to the balance of your personal account, it can withdraw on the following payment processors: Yandex.Money, Qiwi, WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin Wallet, Ether Wallet.

Perhaps, after reading the first paragraph, you will say that such services for providing VPS-servers, as dogs are not cut. And you will be partly right. But! Unlike other services, in addition to the VPS itself, for which you paid, we also provide the opportunity to receive 90% of the rebate, or, more simply, we return part of the spread or commission that the broker took from you during trading. For more detail about how to connect to our rebate service, please click here. It is not superfluous to mention that we have collected one of the largest collections of expert advisors that every trader can get for free.

How to attract customers to the partner program

In fact, there are a huge number of ways, and the only thing that limits you in their choice is your imagination, but let’s look at the simplest and most affordable.


  • The placement of your affiliate link in your signature on popular forex forums. Perhaps one of the simplest and most effective methods that is suitable for those who like to communicate with like-minded people on popular forex forums. In addition to adding an affiliate link to the signature, it will be useful to subscribe to a branch where forum users share their experience working with various VPS-servers. Quite often, beginners ask for recommendations on the selection of a VPS-server from more experienced traders, and your recommendation of our VPS will be more than appropriate. A strong argument will be that we provide free test access for 3 business days to everyone who wants to get a VPS.
  • If you have your own website or blog dedicated to financial topics, it is best to post an article dedicated to our project. We understand that writing articles is not the most pleasant and exciting thing, so we will write it for you. We have a professional copywriter who does not experience colossal moral suffering when writing articles. To order an article, send us an email by specifying a link to your resource. To enhance the effect, you should also install one of our banners on the main page of your resource.
  • Well, where without social networks. Find your social network in the groups, Forex-related communities, and post comments or posts with an affiliate link. Try to find groups with active subscribers, and to make your comments and posts relevant, do not offer to rent a VPS directly, but advise our bonus promotions, expert advisors, or weekly contests. This way you won’t attract the attention of the group’s moderators, and people who clicked on your link will in any case encounter information about renting a VPS on the site.

How to become our partner

  • Complete a simple registration on our website.
  • In your merchant profile find the “Affiliate program” section.
  • In the section for partners, you will find your referral link, banners, and detailed statistics on attracted customers.
  • Next attract customers according to your plan or according to the plan outlined above.

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